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Alger Community Plan

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Final Adopted Alger Community Plan (10MB PDF)
adopted by ordinance O20080015 on December 23, 2008

Updated 12/24/08

On Tuesday, Dec. 23, the Skagit County Board of County Commissioners adopted the Alger Community Plan. The plan was adopted as recommended by the Alger CAC with the exception of the proposed rezone of the Old Highway 99 East Limited Rural Intermediate (RI) area.

The plan includes a number of recommendations for maintaining the rural character of Alger.

Adopted changes in the land use designations include the following:
 - Within the Alger Rural Village area, several properties were changed from residential to commercial.
 - A site of about 5 acres across Lake Samish Road from the Shell Station was rezoned to Rural Freeway Services (RFS).
 - A small area south of the Rural Village was rezoned from Rural Reserve to Rural Intermediate.

Thank you for your continuing interest in the future of the Alger community.

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Draft Rural Village Concept
Click here to see two sketches of the Rural Village showing how commercial uses could appear in keeping with the CAC proposal to change several properties from Rural Village Residential to Rural Village Commercial.

Cover Sheet (Pdf)
CAC Recommended Draft Plan (Pdf)
Appendix A - Potential Residential Rezone Analysis (Pdf)
Appendix B - Comment Summary (Pdf)
Planning and Development Services recommendations to the Skagit County Planning Commission (Pdf)



Referenced Maps:
(Pdf's, Listed by figure)

  1. Alger Subarea Base Map
  2. Existing Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map
  3. PUD Alger Water System
  4. Friday Creek Low Flow Buffer Map
  5. Samish Water District
  6. Critical Areas Map
  7. Existing Development Map
  8. Buildout Development Map
  9. Open Space Tax Map
  10. Public Initiated Zone Change Requests
  11. CAC Recommended Zone Change Map

Images of Alger
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Alger Area Maps
1. Aerial Photo
2. Comprehensive Plan/Zoning
3. Critical Areas
4. Residential Permits


Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) Members

Steven Thomas
Colleen VanBuren
Ron Walden
Linda Storbakken
Jennifer TaylorMixon
Tom Solberg
Robin Cully
Maggie Sullivan
Ruth Vaughan (deceased)

When Skagit County adopted a comprehensive plan in 1997, citizens asked the county to prepare more specific plans for several neighborhoods, including the community of Alger. In 2005, the County Commissioners directed staff to begin the Alger planning process. With projected county growth forecast for the next 20 years, Skagit County is going to grow and it will be necessary to determine citizen needs and desires to plan for this growth while preserving the character of Skagit County and the Alger area.

What is the Alger Community?
Currently a small area at the crossroads of Alger Cain Lake Road and Highway 99 has a land-use designation of "Rural Village". The larger area shown in the maps above was settled upon as a fair representation of the broad area logically included in the Alger Community.

Community Involvement
Several large community meetings were held to enable the CAC to gather citizen input. All CAC meetings were open to the public. A special thank you to those who attended one or more meetings and offered helpful advice. A kickoff meeting was in August 2005 to inform the community about the plan and determine the level of interest. Over 130 people packed the Community Hall and asked pointed questions of the county officials and staff in attendance.

1997 Plan
In 1997, several citizens prepared and submitted a plan for a portion of the Alger area. That plan was revised in July 1998 and resubmitted to the county in 2001. The area included in the plan is shown here. Complete text of the 1997 plan

For More Information
More information on the Alger Community Plan will be posted here when available.

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Skagit County Comprehensive Plan
Skagit County Code (Uniform Development Code)

Ordinance O20080015