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Geographic Information Services
Director: Geoff Almvig


If you are interested in purchasing a printed copy of a specific map, you can either purchase the map from Skagit County or you can go to a local print shop and have them print the map.

To purchase a map from Skagit County:

  1. Go to the GIS Map Gallery and select the map you would like to print. Write down the name of the map and any other pertinent information including the map scale if available.
  2. Contact the Public Works Records Division (360-416-1400) and let them know you would like to purchase a printed map from the GIS Map Gallery. They will provide the cost of the map and the time frame for printing.

To purchase a map from a local print shop:

Many print shops have large format printers and provide poster size printing services. We recommend that you download the map file to a portable disk drive (thumb drives typically work well for this) and provide the file to the print shop. Or, you can show the print shop the map you want printed on the GIS Map Gallery and they can download and print the file from our web site.

Questions: For questions regarding the maps we provide, please feel free to contact the Skagit County GIS Department at 360-416-1168 or email the GIS Manager.