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Climate Change and Sustainability Initiative

Skagit County Climate Change and Sustainability Initiative

Skagit County is committed to reducing and mitigating our operational and regional greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to the effects of our changing climate.
On June 24, 2008, the Skagit County Commissioners approved Resolution R20080304, setting in motion a broad-ranging initiative to address climate change, reduce resource consumption, and create a Sustainable Skagit.

Initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Community Energy Challenge
The Community Energy Challenge has expanded to Skagit County! To participate call 360-676-6099 or visit
Energy Efficiency

Skagit County is reducing energy consumption by remodeling our existing structures and office buildings, while also addressing daily operations. Visit our Energy Efficiency webpage for more information. We're also recently completed the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant which funded several energy efficiency and waste reduction initiatives.

Fuel Efficiency
We believe leading by example is one of the best ways to achieve community-wide change. That's why Skagit County has self-imposed strict fuel economy standards on new vehicle purchases and why we've invested in hybrid cars for our regular vehicle fleet and all-electric vehicles for maintenance and mail delivery. Visit our Fuel Efficiency webpage for more information.
Waste Reduction
Because greenhouse gas emissions are associated with the production of every item we buy, and prevented by recycling or reusing the item, Skagit County is promoting the "reduce, reuse, recycle" mantra through several effective programs. Visit our Zero Waste Events and Waste Reduction webpages for more information.
Natural Yard Care
Yards are spaces for individuals and families to relax and have fun. Natural Yard Care practices can save you money, create healthier spaces for you and your family, and protect the environment. Visit our Natural Yard Care webpage for more information.

Planning and Preparing for Climate Change
Swinomish Climate Change Initiative
Along with the Town of La Conner, the community of Shelter Bay, and the University of Washington Climate Impacts Group, Skagit County is participating in the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community's study of a wide range of potential climate change impacts to the Swinomish reservation, including sea level rise and impacts to upland communities and forest lands. Visit the Swinomish Climate Change Initiative webpage for more information.
Envision 2060
  (Formerly Alternative Futures) The Envision 2060 project seeks to develop and implement a broadly-supported, 50-year plan to protect the Skagit and Samish River watersheds' many environmental values, maintain our highly productive natural resource industries, and accommodate population growth in livable, walkable, and economically vibrant communities. Visit the Envision 2060 webpage for more information.

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