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Climate Change and Sustainability Initiative

Climate Action and Sustainability Taskforce (CAST)

As part of the Climate Action Resolution, Skagit County established a citizen taskforce to assist and advise Skagit County officials on how to satisfy the county’s commitment to the resolution, and plan for projected impacts on Skagit County citizens and infrastructure, caused by severe weather, rising temperatures, and rising sea levels as well as the rising cost of fossil fuel.

The Skagit County Commissioners received 40 letters of interest from community members interested in serving on the Climate Action and Sustainability Taskforce, and made appointments in December 2008 through resolution R20080583 with replacement appointments through resolutions R20090043 and R20090098

The following people currently serve on the Taskforce:

John Day
Molly Doran
Ed Gastellum
Kevin Maas
Jane Mayer
Eric Shen
Linda Talman
Nicolette Thornton
Teresa Hansen
Tamara Thomas
Danielle Wensauer
Jerry Whitfield
Susan Wood
Ian Woofenden

The Taskforce is divided into five topic-specific workgroups, each with three Taskforce members and a variety of county staff members, agency officials, and business representatives. The workgroups focus on the following subjects:

Energy (Conservation and Renewables)
Green Purchasing
Land Use and Transportation
Outreach and Education
Solid Waste and Recycling

The workgroups met regularly to research their topics and formulate recommendations, then forwarded their recommendations to the entire Taskforce, which approved those recommendations for inclusion in the draft Climate Action Plan made available to the public for comment and a public hearing in December 2009.