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Proposed Marblemount Quarry

quarryOn January 22, 2019, Kiewit Infrastructure Co. submitted a SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act) checklist (PL19-0032) and applications for a Mining Special Use Permit (PL19-0033), Forest Practice Conversion Permit (PL19-0047), and Grading Permit (BP19-0070). The County could not begin processing these applications until March 6, 2019, when an existing Class III Forest Practice Permit for parcel P120304 was withdrawn.

According to the mining special use permit application, an expanded mining operation within the existing Mineral Resource Overlay (MRO) area is proposed to supply jetty stone for several major projects on the west coast and to provide a local source of quarry stone and crushed rock. The applicant proposes to extract an estimated 3.8 million cubic yards of rock within the existing MRO area over a projected 100 year period. The forest practice conversion application includes approximately 90 acres of timber harvest. The grading permit application includes excavation and fill for the proposed road construction and other mining operations.

According to the SEPA checklist, the project could generate up to a total of 260 daily vehicle trips, including truck trips. The proposed haul route is identified as Rockport Cascade Road to Rockport, West on SR-20 to I-5. The mining special use application indicates that the proposed project would occur in following 4 steps:

  1. Site clearing, grading, preparation, and building access roads and stormwater systems.
  2. Mining within the existing MRO area.
  3. Possible future quarry expansion (increasing current MRO area by approximately 43 acres with a total extraction of 9.6 million cubic yards of rock).
  4. Quarry reclamation (decommissioning of quarry, roads, and supporting mining operations).

Other required permits and/or authorizations include: Skagit County Road Access Permit, Skagit County Building Permits, Skagit County Fire Permit, Skagit County Comprehensive Plan Amendment, Skagit County Boundary Line Adjustment, Skagit County Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Permit, Department of Transportation Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Permit, City of Sedro-Woolley and City of Bellingham Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Permit, Department of Ecology Sand and Gravel General permit, Department of Fish & Wildlife Hydraulic Project Approval, and Department of Natural Resources Reclamation Permit.

The proposed project is located on Rockport-Cascade Road, Marblemount, within Section 24, Township 35 North, Range 10 East, W.M., Skagit County, WA (Parcels P45541, P45543, P45548, P45550, P120304 & P128574).

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