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"Come to the top of the hill for a spectacular view of Skagit County history"
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3/26/92 Bob Hulbert - History of Agriculture in Skagit County (VHS)
2/25/93 Austin Swanson - Agriculture & Seed Growing on the Skagit Delta (VHS)
5/27/93 Sue Hackett - Pleasant Ridge: History of an Agricultural Neighborhood (VHS)
3/16/95 Jess, Roger & Kraig Knutzen - The Knutzen Family Farm: 100 Yrs of Agriculture and
Community Service (VHS)
3/21/96 Jim Wylie - The History of Dairying in Skagit County (VHS)
11/21/96 Eunice W. Darvill - Weddings: For Better or For Worse
3/20/97 Gene Kahn - Cascadian Farm (VHS)
3/19/98 Marvin Jarmin - 75 Years of Seed Production: 1900-1975(VHS)
10/15/98 Wick Peth - Rodeo! (VHS)
3/18/99 Wilbur Anderson - The WSU Mt. Vernon Center, 1947 to 2047(VHS)
3/16/00 Bonnie Lang - Northern State Hospital Farm (VHS)
4/21/05 Roberta Nelson - In Bloom: Beginnings of the Tulip Festival (VHS)
9/15/05 Oscar Graham, Ellen Gray, Bob Rose, Ian Woofenden - How Many Fences: What Will Skagit County Look Like in 2030? (DVD)
9/22/05 Rosalinda Guillen - Breaking Down the Fence:Recognizing the Relationship Between Hispanic Farm Workers and the Food on Our Tables (DVD)
10/13/05 Allison Deets, Mike Hulbert, Roger Knutzen, Oscar Lagerlund and Don Munks - Farm and Fence (DVD)

5/19/94 Mildred Crinklaw - Concrete Department Store: Trials, Tribulations & Pleasures (VHS)
10/20/94 Bill Newby - Skagit Power (The Seattle City Light Skagit Project) (VHS)
4/18/96 Don Ross, Sr. - The State Bank of Concrete, Est 1914 (VHS)
10/17/96 Panel: Dunlap Towing - Your Quietly Powerful Neighbor (VHS)
10/16/97 Ken Martin - Early Mining Along the Tributaries of the Skagit River (VHS)
4/16/98 Steve Rivas - Beyond Barriers: The Rivas Family Restaurants (VHS)
2/17/00 John Tursi - Roosevelt's Legacy: The CCC's at Cornet Bay (1933-1941) (VHS)
3/18/01 Andrea Xavier - Skagit Land Trust (VHS)
4/15/01 Dennis Thompson - Logging Railroads of Skagit County (VHS)
10/23/05 Denny DeMeyer - Early Fences: Surveying in Territorial Washington (DVD)

11/18/93 Lori Talcott - Norwegian Folk Jewelry (VHS)
11/16/95 Dee Steinbeck - The Art of the Quilt (VHS
5/16/96 Theresa Trebon - The Weavings of Margaret Bergman (VHS)
11/20/97 Hazel Rasar & Diane Partington - A Genealogical Primer: Digging Up Your Roots (VHS)
11/19/98 David Bethman - Historic Bottles of Skagit County & the Pacific Northwest (VHS)
5/10/01 Rod Slemmons - Early Photography at the Turn of the Century (VHS)
4/15/04 Kirsten Olsen - Caring for Your Family's Antique Textiles (VHS)
9/25/05 John Christianson, Mike Harris and Jeff Langlow - Making Fences: Rock, Hedge and Twig (DVD)
4/20/06 Emily Hartley - Caring for Baskets (DVD)

11/21/96 Eunice W. Darvill - Weddings: For Better or For Worse (VHS)
3/21/04 Gregory Lawrence Pulver - Fashion with a Feminist Perspective (VHS)
10/9/04 From No-No to Go-Go: A Century of Style Fashion Show (VHS)
10/17/04 Judy Leclercq, Anne Lorgen & Sandra MacKinnon - Dresses, Drawers and More: The Importance of Dress & Style in the 1860s (VHS)
2/27/05 Pat Doran - Topping It Off: A Hundred Years of Hats (VHS)

Historic Preservation
5/18/95 Glenn Bartlett - They Were We: The Restoration of the Gaches Mansion (VHS)
4/17/97 Dick Fallis - Keepers of the Heritage (VHS)
10/9/05 Julie Koler & Anacortes Historic Preservation Board - Behind Picket Fences: What's the Story on My Historic House? (DVD)

Local Communities
4/22/93 Dick Steele - Oystering Around Blanchard (VHS)
5/27/93 Sue Hackett - Pleasant Ridge: History of an Agricultural Neighborhood (VHS)
10/21/93 Wallie Funk - Anacortes: The Boom, Bust, Boom (VHS & DVD)
4/15/98 Joanne Prentice - The Equality Colony: A Different Time, A Special Place (VHS)
4/20/00 Bob Keith - Marblemount History (VHS)

2/16/95 Holly Graham - Skagit Songs (VHS)
2/15/96 Linda Allen - Celebrate Washington's Women With Song (VHS)
4/18/02 The Honey Bees - Music of WW II (VHS)
5/22/03 Burlington-Edison High School Jazz Band - 1940s Radio Days (VHS)
5/20/04 Los Gatitos - Mexican Music & Dances with Madison Elementary Students (VHS)

Native American
11/19/92 Astrida Onat & Lona Wilbur - Skagit Archeology from the Tribal Perspectives (VHS)
1/19/95 Robert Joe, Sr. - Chairman, Swinomish Tribal Community: Looking Back in Time (VHS)
1/16/97 Larry Campbell - The Swinomish Indian Tribal Community (VHS)
1/15/98 Brian Cladoosby - The Swinomish Today (VHS)
1/21/99 Panel - Living with the Treaty of 1855 (VHS)
1/20/00 Robert Whitlum - Native American Archeological Sites (VHS)
1/21/01 Panel - The Indian Boarding School Experience (VHS)
2/18/01 Chuck Luckman - Lushootseed Village Life in the Skagit Watershed 1855 (VHS)
1/20/02 Ray Mitchell & Panel - Native American Experience in WW II (VHS)
1/26/03 Duane Pasco - Chinook Jargon: The Medium of Trade, Tales and Treaties (VHS)
1/25/04 Ryan Booth - The Spirit of the Native Skagit (VHS)
2/22/04 Duane Pasco - Coast Salish Design (VHS)
3/19/06 Roger Fernandes - Mythic Stories of the Puget Sound Salish Native Peoples (DVD)
5/18/06 Johnny Moses - Baskets Tell a Story: Songs and Legends of the Northwest Coast (DVD)

North Cascades
1/28/93 Jim Harris - They Claimed These Mountains (VHS)
10/19/95 Dr. Fred Darvill - Fire Lookouts in the North Cascades (VHS)
11/18/02 John Miles - Women Who Climbed Mt. Baker (VHS)

Skagit Valley/Skagit River/Environment
10/22/92 Howard Miller - Fishing the Skagit (VHS)
2/17/94 John Boynton - Local Law Enforcement (VHS)
4/6/95 Cindy Hulbert - A History of Fish and Trees in the Skagit River Basin (VHS)
2/18/99 Sharon Riggs - 19th Century Diking in the Lower Delta (VHS)
4/15/99 Kathy Willins - Back to the Land: The Communal Life of the 60's (VHS)
10/21/99 Jim Ford - History of Skagit Valley College (VHS)
1/23/04 Melissa Duffy - Ethnobotany of Puget Sound (VHS)

World War II
4/21/94 Harry Fujita - Executive Order 9066: The Fujita Family experience (VHS)
3/16/02 Dr. James Warren - Washington Goes to War (VHS)
4/18/02 The Honey Bees - Music of WW II (VHS)
11/17/02 Panel - Those Who Served-Stories from WACs & WAVEs of WW II (VHS)
2/23/03 Chiyeko Ozaki - Making Good of a Bad Thing: Memories of the Japanese Internment Camp at Tule Lake (VHS & DVD)
3/16/03 Val Limberg - Edward R. Murrow: Here Lie the Origins of His Legacy (VHS)
4/17/03 Paul McDill - Model Planes of the World Wars: Putting It All to Scale (VHS)
10/12/03 Bill Holloman - Tuskegee Airmen: The Red Tails of WW II (VHS)
11/16/03 Veterans' Panel - Those Who Served: Stories from Military Men of WW II (VHS)

11/16/00 Jackie Williams - Much Depends on Dinner (VHS)
11/20/05 Dick Blumenthal - Early Maritime Exploration of our Inland Waters (DVD)