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Located in La Conner
"Come to the top of the hill for a spectacular view of Skagit County history"

Sweet thing:
Whitney's Pure Coca

In 1900, shoppers could buy a wide variety of foods for the sweet tooth. Whitney Pure Special Breakfast Cocoa was one, but unlike today's cocoa mixes, this one took time to make.

For each cup use one level teaspoon of our cocoa and one rounding spoon of sugar. Mix thoroughly in the cup while dry then add a little-about a teaspoon-boiling water and rub into a smooth paste. Add full amount of milk or water and boil in double boiler if possible from three to five minutes.

This box of Whitney's Cocoa comes from the Concrete Market and Grocery in Concrete, WA. Bill Whitney and Charles Prater owned the store. The box says that it was packed "expressly for and sold only by Concrete Market and Grocery."