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Director: Jennifer Johnson

EnviroStars - Pollution Prevention Leadership

Helping businesses and governments manage hazardous chemicals and storm water is a high priority for Skagit County government in partnership with our cities. Our goal is to protect the health of employees, neighbors and our water ways. Pollution prevention solutions are often simple and cost effective. Sometimes it just takes a little knowledge and a small behavior change to stop pollution from a business. Sometimes efforts are more expensive and more involved. In either case, we can help you move forward. The Local Source Control Program offers free technical assistance site visits to businesses to evaluate business practices and provide information on pollution prevention. Preventing pollution at the source will keep our water ways clean and improve our public health.

EnviroStars - Pollution Prevention Leadership
What if you are doing everything right at your business? We welcome the opportunity to give you a big pat on the back, to document your good practices as an example to others, and to invite you to participate in the Envirostars program.


Do I Produce A Dangerous Or Hazardous Waste?
Storing and Labeling Dangerous Waste
All dangerous wastes are required to be stored in closed, leak proof containers that are compatible with the waste. Dangerous waste must be stored under cover sufficient to protect from weather and over secondary containment large enough to contain a leak from the primary container, either 10% of the volume of all of the containers or 110% of the volume of the largest container, whichever is larger.
Recycling, Reducing and Properly Disposing of Dangerous Waste
We encourage you to review all of the chemicals that you use in your business on a regular basis. It is possible that you can save costs and reduce liability by substituting less dangerous products for hazardous chemicals. If you are not able to substitute you may be able to reduce your use and thus reduce your generation of dangerous waste. Tracking your chemical use and waste generation is a good way to understand how to best make changes.
Understanding the Drainage from your Business
It is important that you understand the drainage and piping from your business both on the inside of the business and outside the building.
Spill Clean-Up and Response Plan
Every business that stores hazardous chemicals should have spill clean-up materials appropriate for the chemicals, whether the chemicals are product or waste.
Stormwater Management- only rain down the drain

If it's not in the rain keep it out of the drain. The only thing that flows to a storm drain from your business should be rainwater or water from snow melt. A storm drain is a direct route to the local stream, our many local rivers and eventually to Puget Sound.


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Resource Materials and Links

We have compiled some educational materials and links for you. If you have difficulty finding information on a certain topic and need assistance, please let us know. We want to help you find the best solution for your business. If you need certain information, then most likely other businesses need that information too. Please send an email to: p2@co.skagit.wa.us for assistance.