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Learn How Your Septic System Works
How to Take Care of It

TAKE THE SEPTICS 101 CLASS ONLINE AT:www.skagitcounty.net/septics101online

The basics of septic system design, maintenance, and use for homeowners to keep their septic system working well as long as possible. Keeping a septic system working well will save a homeowner money as well as help to keep surface and groundwater quality high in Skagit County.

The 34 minutes of audio and slides* followed by a short quiz.

Providing your contact information and completing the quiz meets the Septics 101 class attendance requirements for a Septics 201 class in the future.

*some visual information on the slides may be difficult to see. Better resolution slides can be download here: pdf document

Everyone is encouraged to take the Septics 101 class. 
Past participants include homeowners, business owners, renters, home buyers, landlords, real estate professionals, bank officials, educators, and students taking environmental or ecology classes. 

Septics 101 class learning and discussion topics include:

  • How septic systems are designed to treat sewage
  • How septic systems need to be used so that they can treat sewage effectively
  • Why septic systems need to be maintained
  • What the public health and environmental benefits from functioning septic systems are
  • How to save thousands of dollars in unnecessary septic system costs
  • What financial resources a homeowner should know about if their septic system needs repairs or replacement (rebate, grant, and loan programs)


Participants in septics 201 may become approved to inspect their own gravity septic systems if they meet all requirements.

Septics 201 classes are limited to 30 people each.

We offer these classes on an as-need basis.  If you are interested please call 416-1555 or e-mail EH@co.skagit.wa.us and ask to be placed on the Septics 201 wait list.  You will be notified when a class is scheduled.

  • A Septics 101 class must be taken prior to registering
    for a Septics 201 class.
  • Attendees must own a septic system in Skagit County.
  • Those attending a Septics 201 class to perform a qualified inspection for their own home septic system need to read the Skagit County policy
    "Homeowner inspection of their own on-site sewage system" to make sure they meet all of the policy requirements.

For more information contact Skagit County Public Health by telephone at (360) 416-1555 or by email at EH@co.skagit.wa.us , or in person at:
Environmental Health,
1800 Continental Place, Mount Vernon, WA 98273
from 8:30-4:30 on any day that county offices are open
(Monday – Friday except for holidays and county closure days)

You can obtain a copy of your septic system "As-Built", a dimension sketch or map drawn of the on site sewage system as it was actually installed with a search on the Skagit County website

If unavailable on line call the request line at (360) 416-1555; leave a voicemail message with the address or parcel number of the property you need, and contact information about who and where to send the document to (email, fax# or address). 


System Maintenance Providers


On Site Sewage System Summary Report

Trouble Shooting

Learn How Your Septic System Works and How To Take Care of it with