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Environmental Health

Director: Keith Higman

Recreational Water Safety

Lake Water Quality

Toxic algae blooms can occur in Skagit County Lakes

Beach Water Quality

Heavy rains can lead an increase in contamination reaching public beaches.  Stay updated about water quality at your beaches by checking:

Pools, Spas, Recreational Water Facilities
The Health Department permits and inspects all Pools, Spas & Other Recreational water facilities accessible to the public to assure appropriate supervision, general cleanliness, water supply, chemical balance, toilets and hand washing facilities, showers, sewage and liquid waste disposal, and control of other environmental hazards. Permit applications must be completed and submitted to the Skagit County Public Health Department annually.

New pool, spa, or recreational water facilities must go through plan review with the Washington State Department of Health prior to obtaining an operation permit through the Skagit County Public Health Department. Existing water recreation facilities making design changes must also go through plan review and approval. Information on the plan review process can be obtained from the state health department

Improperly managed recreational water facilities can result in illness to bathers. Understand the risks of waterborne illness.

Pool Operators requirements and training materials: