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Skagit County News: Email Subscriptions via Skagit County's List Server
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- Clean Water Program and the Clean Samish Initiative

- News and information regarding the design, location and building of the new Skagit County Justice Center.

- Join this list to receive email notifications and updated information regarding the Guemes Island Ferry maintenance, schedule changes, news and more.

- Museum news and information on upcoming exhibits and events.

- News and information, upcoming meetings, events and all things Skagit County Parks and Rec!

- Join this list to receive notifications and updated information regarding news, decisions, upcoming meetings and more from the Skagit County Planning and Development Services Department, the Hearing Examiner and the Planning Commission.

- Join this list to receive notifications, news, meetings and updates related to the development and execution of the Skagit County Community Health Plan.

- Join this list to receive news about flood control, road and bridge construction, drainage and other projects.

- News and information from multiple departments and agencies regarding Salmon restoration and preservation emailed to you.

- Join us to receive updates, upcoming events, data and reports, and other news on School-Based Behavioral Health in Skagit County.

- Join this list to receive timely information, press releases and news about emergencies and natural disasters, directly from Skagit County government offices and agencies.

- Fairgrounds news.

- Notifications of news, funding announcements, and opportunities for public comment related to Skagit County’s work on affordable housing and homelessness.

- Join this list to receive press releases directly from Skagit County.

- Join this list to receive road closure information directly from Skagit County Public Works. Information about road conditions outside, but affecting Skagit County motorists, will also be published.

- To receive emails as to password changes on the Skagit Public Wireless Network, sign up for updates that will be delivered to your inbox