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Communicable Disease

Director: Jennifer Johnson

Communicable Disease

700 South 2nd Street, Suite 301
Mount Vernon, WA  98273
Operation Hours:  8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


Communicable Disease Prevention and Epidemiology provides:

  • Communicable disease surveillance, case and contact investigation, control measures, guidelines and recommendations.
  • Data management, analysis, and reporting.
  • Public health education about communicable disease signs, symptoms, and prevention.
  • Consultation with and recommendations to providers regarding communicable disease reporting and treatment.
  • To Report a Communicable Disease, please use this form: Confidential Communicable Disease Non-STD Report Form

For communicable disease related questions please call (360) 416-1500

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD/HIV/AIDS) Prevention provides:

  • STD partner notification and treatment.
  • Public health education about STD/HIV/AIDS/Hepatitis causes, signs, symptoms, and prevention.
  • Consultation and recommendations to community providers and clinicians about STD treatment guidelines and notifiable disease reporting.
  • To Report a Sexually Transmitted Disease, please use this form

For questions or additional information on STD/HIV/AIDS please call (360) 416-1500

Tuberculosis Prevention and Control provides:

  • Tuberculosis (TB) direct observed treatment (DOT)
  • Contact investigation; including testing of contacts and preventative treatment to contacts
  • Latent TB infection treatment for high risk populations (homeless, HIV positive, immunocompromised persons, etc.)
  • Public health education on TB signs, symptoms, prevention, and treatment
  • Consultation, recommendation, and education to providers about tuberculosis testing (PPD placement and reading), and latent TB prevention and treatment.

For Tuberculosis related questions please call (360) 416-1500

Vaccine Preventable Disease Prevention provides:

  • Monitoring and oversight of vaccine management; quality assurance for vaccine providers and pharmacies.
  • Technical support for providers and pharmacies including education about vaccine preventable diseases, vaccine safety, vaccine storage and handling, and vaccine administration.
  • Community health education about vaccine preventable disease and the importance of vaccination.

For additional information about vaccine preventable diseases and immunization related resources please call (360) 416-1500

Environmental Health

How to Obtain a Copy of My Medical Record

Skagit County Public Health will release your medical information to you or any agency that you designate after receiving your completed Authorization for Exchange of Information application. Return the completed application to us along with the appropriate fee prior to us releasing your information.

Please contact Skagit County Public Health at (360) 416-1500 to determine the correct fee as our prices do vary. There is no fee for releasing medical records to doctor’s offices, or immunization records to schools.

Authorization for Exchange of Information application | Español

Rabies Exposure

Notifiable conditions by agency

Reports may be submitted by fax to:
(360) 416-1515
Attn: Communicable Disease Prevention

Washington Administrative Codes:

WAC 246-101-415 - Child daycare facilities
WAC 246-101-101 - Health Care Providers
WAC 246-101-201 - Laboratories
WAC 246-101-401 - Others
WAC 246-101-420 - Schools
WAC 246-101-405 - Veterinarians
Resources for Health Care Providers:
Department of Health (DOH)
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
For Laboratories

Public Health Lab (DOH)
Phone: (206) 418-5400

Epidemiology - Washington State Communicable Disease
Phone: (206) 418-5500