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Director: Hal Hart

What do you think about implementation of the Envision Recommendations?

Now that the Citizen Committee has delivered its recommendations , the issue before Skagit citizens and elected officials is what to do about them. Do the recommendations address the most important planning issues for the future? Which are the top priorities for action? Are there specific recommendations that you strongly support, or others with which you disagree? Since some of the recommendations would require new funding, where should that funding come from?

If you would like to express an opinion on these or other questions relating to implementation, please e-mail your comments here.
Comments will be provided to the Board of County Commissioners

Members of the Public share their views at April 25th Envision Skagit Open House

On April 25, 2012, Envision Skagit 2060 hosted an open house at the Burlington City Council Chambers to take comments from members of the public on the Envision Citizen Committee's Final Report and Recommendations. These comments are being shared with elected officials from the county, cities and towns, tribes, ports and other jurisdictions that are considering the Envision recommendations through the Skagit Council of Governments. Review summaries of those public comments:

Comments below were received before the May31 deadline.

"Dot voting" on the Envision Citizen Committee Recommendations
Question and comments from members of the public
Written comments submitted at the open house

Ellen Cooley
Skagit Audubon Society

Last Year Envision Skagit Asked Skagit Valley Residents:
What's Your Vision for the Future?

In early 2011, the Envision Skagit Citizen Committee worked very hard to meet with Skagit Valley residents and hear their visions for the future. The Committee held 10 public visioning sessions in communities around the county; in all, more than 300 participants attended these meetings and shared their views.

Summarized results and full results from each meeting are provided here: Community Meeting Responses

Additionally, many residents have submitted written comments via the website or on printed forms which can be read here.

The Envision Skagit Citizen Committee is taking all of these comments into account as it develops its long-term vision for the Skagit Valley and recommendations to implement that vision.