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Director: Hal Hart

Last Year Envision Skagit Asked Skagit Valley Residents:
What's Your Vision for the Future?

Since January of this year, the Envision Skagit Citizen Committee has worked very hard to meet with Skagit Valley residents and hear their visions for the future. The committee and staff have held 10 public visioning sessions, including:

  • Community meetings in Edison, Anacortes, La Connor, Concrete, Mount Vernon, Sedro-Woolley, and Burlington.
  • A second Mount Vernon meeting conducted in Spanish and English; and
  • A visioning session with farmers, and one with the Skagit County Planning Commission.

In all, more than 300 participants attended these meetings, which included a brief overview of the Envision Skagit project. Participants were then asked to respond to several questions regarding:

  • What they value most about the Skagit Valley now, and
  • What they hope to see retained or improved in the future.

Participants were encouraged to share their views and listen to each other respectfully. Staff and committee members recorded all comments on flip charts. Toward the end of each meeting, meeting participants (excluding staff and committee members) received nine blue dots which they could use to "vote" on their favorite responses. The simple rules were: use three dots for each of the above questions, and don't use more than one dot on any particular response.

The resulting "dot voting" summaries indicate the top or most agreed-upon responses from the participants of each meeting. Summarized results and full results from each meeting are provided below.

  • In addition to these full-scale visioning sessions, project staff and committee members have conducted more than a dozen Envision Skagit presentations to a diverse array of community organizations. Meeting attendees were encouraged to attend one of the community visioning sessions.
  • Additionally, many residents have submitted written comments via the website or on printed forms which can be read here.

The Envision Skagit Citizen Committee is taking all of these comments into account as it develops its long-term vision for the Skagit Valley and recommendations to implement that vision.

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