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Download the Motion and Order on Relicensing Clinic form


During the COVID 19 emergency, you can still get your fines pulled out of collection and set up a payment plan so that you can get your license reinstated. Our relicensing clinic, normally held in person in court, will continue to be available online, through fax, or through mail-in requests. You can make your request via email or fax, but you can also pick up the forms you need right outside the District Court Clerk’s office.

We can help you get fines out of collection for Skagit County Court and for Anacortes, Burlington and Mount Vernon Municipal Courts. We can’t help you with Sedro Woolley Municipal fines or fines in other cities or counties. If you need help with fines in other courts, you can contact the CLEAR program through Northwest Justice Project (888-201-1014 weekdays between 9:15 and 12:15).

If you’ve been in our relicensing clinic in the past but got behind in your payments because of the virus, or for any other reason, you can re-apply to have your fines taken out of collection a second time. Just be aware that if you repeatedly don’t pay your fine after setting up a payment plan, we may not give you another chance.

Here are the instructions for getting your license back:


Download the Motion and Order on Relicensing Clinic form. You may also come by the District Court and pick up relicensing forms available just outside the entrance to the clerk’s office. The District Court building and lobby is open even though the clerk’s office may be closed.


Complete a separate Motion form for each Court you are requesting the Judge to address (i.e. District Court, City of Burlington, City of Anacortes, City of Mount Vernon). - Check the box for “State of Washington” as the plaintiff for any case in District Court. - Check the box for “City of” as the plaintiff and fill in the appropriate City for any cases in the local Municipal Courts (Mount Vernon, Anacortes, and Burlington). - Check the “Civil Motion” box for any cases that are labeled as infractions (ex. Speeding, Operating Vehicle w/out Insurance, Failure to Yield); check the “Criminal Motion” box for any cases labeled as criminal charges (ex. Driving w/ License Suspended, DUI, Reckless Driving) - Fill in the blanks for the amount you can pay each month (pick an amount to pay that you can afford. It is better to request a lower payment and pay extra when you are able than to set payments too high and be unable to make the payment each month). Also tell us the day of the month you want to make your payment and when you want your payments to start.


If you do not know the case number(s) you can call the District Court Clerk’s Office at (360) 416-1250 to get them.


Once you have completed the form(s) please email it to dcbilling@co.skagit.wa.us to file the motion.
If you are not using email, you can drop your completed forms off at the drop box outside of the District Court Clerk’s office. Please include your phone number with your forms so we can contact you if there is information missing.


Motions for Relicensing will continue to be reviewed and granted by our judges in their offices if the courtrooms are closed because of the virus. You may NOT have to appear in Court and will receive a copy of the Judge’s order in the mail.


If you have any questions please contact the District Court Clerk’s Office via phone or email for assistance.