District Court

Payment required at time of request.
Title Service Fee
Civil Filing Filing 83.00
Counter, Cross, 3rd Party Civil Filing 83.00
Vehicle Impound Filing Filing 83.00
Small Claims Filing Filing 29.00
Counter, Cross, 3rd Party Small Claims Filing 29.00
Name Change Filing Filing 166.00
Anti-Harassment Filing 83.00
Extension Civil Judgement Filing 53.00
Civil Supplemental Filing 20.00
Civil Exparte Filing 20.00
Civil Jury Demand Filing 125.00
Transcript of Judgement Filing 20.00
Writ of Garnishment Filing 12.00
Foreign Judgement Filing 83.00
Appellate Filing Fee Filing 230.00
Criminal Conviction filing FEE DWI Upon Conviction 43.00
Criminal Conviction
Filing fee Crim. Traffic
Upon Conviction 43.00
Criminal Conviction Filing Fee-Non Traffic Upon Conviction 43.00
Time Pay Fee Upon Request $10.00
Other Fees
Document Copies Copy .25 Cents per page
Mailed Copies   .50 Cents per page
Cases will not be unarchived until payment is received.
.5.00 (one-five cases)
10.00 (six or more cases)
Copies certified w/seal
5.00 (first page)
1.00 (thereafter)
Appeal Prep Fee Filing 40.00
NSF/Returned Check   30..00
Duplication of FTR CD Per CD 10.00
* $5 for each additional certified copy