District Court

Skagit County District Court Procedures Information and Forms
Notice of Appeal Form Word | Pdf
Transmittal Form Word | Pdf
Fees Waiver Word | Pdf
Appeal Instructions Word | Pdf
Small Claims Appeals Information  
Small Claims Appeal Instructions Word | Pdf
  Notice of Appeal Form Word | Pdf
Small Claims Information  
  Transfer Request Word | Pdf
  Dismissal Without Prejudice Word | Pdf
Affidavit Word | Pdf
Affidavit of Service Word | Pdf
Motion to set Aside Default Judgement Word | Pdf
Civil Procedures  
  Cover Sheet Word | Pdf
  Pre-Trial Information Word | Pdf
Financial Statement Word | Pdf
Filing Fee Waiver Word | Pdf
Subpoena Request Word | Pdf
Schedule Conflicts Word | Pdf
Criminal Procedures  
  Statement on Plea Word | Pdf
  Address Change Word | Pdf
Motion for Continuance Word | Pdf
Deferred Prosecution Petition Word | Pdf
DWI Attachment Word | Pdf
Request For Information Word | Pdf
Infraction Procedures  
Notice to Defendants  
Civil Anti-Harassment Proceedings  
Changing Your Name  
Data Dissemination Policy  
Interpreter Request Forms:
You may have the right to a court-appointed interpreter.[Pdf]
¿Necesita un intérprete de español que le asista en el tribunal? [Pdf]
Do you need an interpreter? (English Pdf form for other languages)