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Recording Official Documents

In the State of Washington, County Auditors are statutorily defined as Recording Officers or Custodians of Records and are charged with specific duties pursuant to the Revised Code of Washington for the recording of legal documents. (See RCW 36 and RCW 65)

The Auditor's deputies are recording officers in their function and are prohibited from giving or offering legal advice and can only accept instruments as presented and in compliance with the standards set forth by statute.

The Skagit County Recording Division is responsible for verifying the following information for recording an instrument:

  • Cover sheet provided
  • Formatting requirements (RCW 65.04) are met
  • Instrument contains the correct document title
  • Instrument in its form is acknowledged
  • Names and signatures are included
  • Indexing information is complete
  • Instrument is legible for reproduction
  • Proper fees are tendered

The responsibility for properly preparing an instrument for recording is that of the document preparer. A document not meeting format requirements will be returned to the preparer. If the only requirement not met is the minimum margin specification, the instrument may be recorded by including a signed coversheet with an additional $50 non-standard surcharge.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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