Treasurer's Office

Treasurer: Katie Jungquist
A message from Katie Jungquist
I am pleased to welcome you to the Skagit County Treasurer's web site. We hope the information provided will assist you in understanding the role of the County Treasurer, increase your knowledge of the responsibilities of our office, and provide you the tools to better utilize our services. The Treasurer's role is regional. The majority of our time is focused on serving the various taxing districts in Skagit County. The following is a brief listing of our responsibilities:
Serve as Treasurer for county government and all taxing and assessment districts, which includes hospitals, schools, ports, fire, library, sewer, cemetery, dike, drainage, park, flood control, noxious weed and water districts. As such, we collect miscellaneous revenues, distribute funds to the appropriate fund accounts (we currently have 326 accounts), invest all funds in our possession, and finally, disburse those funds at the direction of the county auditor or district commissioners.
Bill and collect all real and personal property taxes for the county, cities and districts.
Play a key role with our mortgage, title, real estate companies and legal community through processing of real estate excise affidavits.
Issue all mobile home moving permits.
Serve as loan administrator for the Water Quality Improvement Loan Program making low cost Department of Ecology funds available to Skagit County citizens to replace failing septic systems.
Spearheaded development of the Skagit County Cash Collection Policy Manual and BUCKS (Better Understanding Cash Kontrols) Training Program for Skagit County and provide the ongoing training and certification of all individuals in the county who handle or are responsible for funds of the taxpayers.
Also contained in that figure are funds of the Skagit Council of Governments, SKAT, The North Sound Regional Support Network, the Air Pollution Authority and the Skagit Housing Authority; these funds we invest through Interlocal agreements.
Carry out foreclosure, tax title and surplus property tax sales as well as the financial administration of the yearly county equipment surplus auction.
Perform audits on sales tax paid and motor vehicle licenses issued in Skagit County, with thousands of dollars erroneously coded being reallocated back to the county by the Departments of Revenue and Licensing
Investment of Public Funds: All funds on deposit with the Treasurer are invested with the goal in mind of maximizing funds while they are not needed for immediate expenditure. All funds are invested according to state statutes and the Skagit County Investment Policy in a manner that seeks to preserve capital and ensure protection of investment principal, allow adequate liquidity and achieve the highest investment return consistent with the primary objectives of safety and liquidity.Funds are invested in a diversified portfolio of securities in order to reduce overall risk while attaining market average rates of return. No investment purchases are made outside the State of Washington. Skagit County utilizes the services of a third-party custodian who holds investment documents while they are invested, with the exception of CDs and transactions with the Washington State Local Government Investment Pool.Skagit County utilizes a short list of broker/dealers, who must qualify to bid through a selection process.
My staff and I are committed to serving you with the highest degree of competence, integrity and courtesy.
Thank you for the privilege of serving as your County Treasurer
Katie Jungquist,