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Treasurer: Jackie Brunson

Set Up “Auto Pay”

Enroll in our Auto Pay program to have the Skagit County Treasurer automatically deduct your property tax payment(s) from your U.S. financial institution checking or savings account on the appropriate due dates.

  • You can choose to have the withdrawals done for the first installment on April 30th and the second installment on October 31st or the full year on April 30th.
  • The enrollment form must be completed and returned by April 15th for the April 30th withdrawal date or October 15th for the October 31st withdrawal date.

Auto Pay Form - Complete using our new e-filing system

Auto Pay Enrollment Form

The authorization remains in effect until the Treasurer has received written notification, no less than 30 days before the next payment withdrawal date, or if payment is refused by your financial institution for any reason (this will result in additional fees).



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