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Treasurer: Jackie Brunson


Cause NO. 24-2-00006-29

Sale Date: January 7th, 2025, at 9AM


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These parcels are privately owned until the conclusion of the auction/sale on the date mentioned above. Any physical inspection of the listed parcels must be done so with the authorization of the parcel owner. Anyone inspecting these parcels from anywhere other than an approved access point does so without the authorization of Skagit County. Please respect the property rights of the parcel owners.

The bid sheet has been created for informational purposes only. The Skagit County Treasurer has created this bid sheet for your convenience. We have tried to the best of our knowledge to describe the property included in this bid sheet. However, we do not warrant the accuracy of legal descriptions, acreage or situs provided herein.

To view additional information on the parcels listed use the Treasurer's Search and Assessor's Search pages.

Anyone considering the purchase of property at a Treasurer's sale should be aware that there are risks. When selling parcels, the county conveys the entirety of the interest, which it is legally capable of transferring, unless otherwise noted. However, the county does not guarantee or provide warranty as to the extent of that interest. The county makes NO guarantees whatsoever on parcels sold at Treasurer's sales.

The following statement applies to all Treasurer real property sales: "This is a BUYER BEWARE sale." The parcels are offered on a "where is" and "as is" basis. The County makes no representation of warranty, nor any guarantee of warranty, expressed or implied as to the condition of title to any property, nor the physical condition of any property or its fitness for any use or purpose. Treasurer's Deeds issued on parcels acquired in foreclosure sale DO NOT warrant clear title."

It is important that you view the property and make additional inquiries about questions you might have. Private property should NOT be entered without permission of the property owner.

This information is designed to assist you and in no way encompasses the entirely of information regarding these sales. Some of this information may change. Also, please be aware that circumstances may differ from sale to sale and/or require special exceptions. This site is not intended to provide legal advice. We advise anyone with questions to seek the advice of their attorney.