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Treasurer: Katie Jungquist

Frequently Asked Questions of the Treasurer

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  1. If I owe taxes on multiple parcels, can I combine the payment into one check?

  2. Why, if I come in the day after taxes are due, do I still have to pay interest? If I'd mailed the payment it wouldn't have reached your office until then anyway.

  3. Is there any consideration if I don't pay my taxes on time because of a death in my immediate family?

  4. If I pay late, why do you return my tax payment instead of keeping it and billing me for the interest?

  5. My mortgage company pays my taxes. Recently my mortgage was sold to another mortgage company and the taxes weren't paid on time. I received a delinquent notice and was held responsible. Why is that?

  6. What happens if I can't find my tax statement? Will you accept payment without it?

  7. My neighbor has an identical house to mine and lives across the street. My taxes are more than his. How can that be?

  8. Our mortgage company pays our taxes but we are getting the bill. Why is that?

  9. Is it helpful to staple, scotch tape or paper clip or otherwise connect the statements to the check when sending it in the mail?





1. Yes, you may add the amount due for all parcels and pay with one check. Actually, we prefer that you do it that way. Please make sure to double check your figures before mailing. Like you, we are charged by the bank for each check processed, so paying with one check saves us both time and money.

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2. The legislature purposely made the rules about late payment of taxes strict. Taxes are actually due when billed but there must be clear deadlines that are fair to everyone. Payment in our office by 4:30 on the date due, or postmarked that date if mailed, are the clear cut off times. In order that everyone be treated fairly, there are no exceptions made. (RCW 84.56.020)

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3. Yes, there is consideration "if the taxpayer fails to make one payment by the due date on the taxpayer's personal residence because of hardship caused by the death of the taxpayer's spouse, parents or stepparent." The Treasurer must be notified within sixty days of the tax date due. (RCW 84.56.025) (contact office for additional information)

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4. We return late tax payments to the payor with notification about why it is being returned. Simply put, it is much more cost effective to return the payment than it is to spend additional staff time and energy to attempt collection of interest and/or penalties after the fact.

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5. The taxpayer has the ultimate responsibility for payment of their taxes, whether they assign payment to a mortgage company or not. (Spokane County v Glover). Mortgages are quite often sold and sometimes the same mortgage can be sold several times. Most mortgage companies are very good about notifying us of a change in a timely manner, however, that is not always the case. If the taxes remain unpaid, we do notify the taxpayer in November as a courtesy. Unfortunately, that notification does occur when the taxes are delinquent. It then becomes the property owner's responsibility to follow up with the mortgage company. If you know your mortgage has been sold, please call us to verify that we have received the proper notification.

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6. If you are unable to locate your tax statement, simply call us. We will be happy to send you another. We may be able to locate your account without the tax statement but having one will assure it gets posted to the right account.

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7. Houses with the same value may be taxed differently for several reasons:

Houses are in different levy codes; that is I may be in one fire district
and my neighbor across the street in another. That could be true of other
districts (hospital, port, cemetery, library, school etc.)

One house pays more on excess (voted) levies because of the district(s) they
are located in i.e. school bond levies.

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8. Our office automatically bills the larger mortgage companies we do significant business with. For smaller companies we send the bill to the taxpayer for forwarding. If you receive a bill (and your taxes are paid by your mortgage company), you need simply to forward your tax bill to the mortgage company for payment. If you are unsure, please give us a call.

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9. Actually, it is very unhelpful. Simply inserting both statements and check(s) is adequate.

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