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Treasurer's Office

Treasurer: Jackie Brunson


All funds on deposit with the Treasurer are invested with the goal in mind of maximizing funds while they are not needed for immediate expenditure. All funds are invested according to state statutes and the Skagit County Investment Policy in a manner that seeks to preserve capital and ensure protection of investment principal, allow adequate liquidity and achieve the highest investment return consistent with the primary objectives of safety and liquidity.

Funds are invested in a diversified portfolio of securities in order to reduce overall risk while attaining market average rates of return. No investment purchases are made outside the State of Washington.

Skagit County utilizes the services of a third-party custodian who holds investment documents while they are invested, with the exception of CDs and transactions with the Washington State Local Government Investment Pool.Skagit County utilizes a short list of broker/dealers, who must qualify to bid through a selection process.


Investments as of 12/17/18

Current Expense $169,848,739.51
County Funds $28,504,337.13
Ports $20,004,089.45
Hospitals $205,868,699.97
Schools $117,785,124.52
ESD #189  $16,328,450.39
Junior Districts $34,655,725.59
Inter-Local Districts $19,748,343.89
Total $612,743,510.45