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Treasurer: Jackie Brunson

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The Skagit County Treasurer’s Office is a regional service for about 80 local government districts. We operate under State Law to provide cash custody, investment, revenue collection, and debt payment services to those districts.

Our Mission Statement
To safe-keep and manage public funds while equitably providing honest and respectful customer service.
In carrying out our responsibilities, our goal is to provide the highest quality of service and professionalism.

General Taxpayer Information
Property taxes are due when billed, however, there are two final dates that tax payments must be received. If you choose to split your property taxes into two installments, the first installment must be received by April 30 and the second installment must be received by October 31. If the property tax is less than $50.00, the full year must be paid by April 30. Personal property taxes on business equipment and supplies and improvements on leased land must have the first installment paid by April 30 or the full tax year becomes delinquent and is due in full. (RCW 84.56.020)

Interest is assessed at 1% per month on the full year tax amount due, beginning May 1. If still unpaid on June 1, an additional 3% penalty is assessed. A second penalty of 8% is assessed on December 1 if taxes remain unpaid. Please contact our office at 360-416-1750 for the correct amount due if you are paying late.

The Skagit County Assessor sets values on property, establishes levies, and approves exemptions. Please refer to the Assessor's Office for more information on how your property taxes are calculated.



Jackie Brunson
Skagit County Treasurer


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