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The Animal Control Division consists of one full-time officer. She is responsible for responding to all animal related complaints. On average the Skagit County Sheriffs Office responds to 1400-1500 Animal problems a year. The animal Control Officer handles on average 1200 of these on her own.

Our animal control Officer responds to calls related to animal cruelty, neglect, unsafe confinement, unsafe transportation, animal abandonment, hoarding situations, loose livestock, aggressive dogs, and wild/exotic animals.

Animal control is responsible for all phases of investigation of all animal complaints. From the initial complaint, filling charges, and testifying in court. Animal Control is also responsible for removing animals from unsafe situations and getting the animals the care they need to be rehabilitated and placed in loving homes.

The Animal Control Officer is usually on duty and available for contact during sheriff's office business hours Monday through Friday or by phone at 360 416-1912. All complaints should be made through 911 dispatch or on the non-emergency line at 360-428-3211.

Due to budget restraints a majority of the animals care is provided through donations. If you wish to make a tax deductable donation to help Skagit County Rescue Animals and Horses please make donations to:

Skagit Animals In Need
P.O. Box 503, Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Or visit:

ACO Emily Diaz working to gain the
trust of a loose horse

ACO Emily Diaz works with our youth

This horse was seized for severe neglect.
The owner charged with animal cruelty.
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Some rescued pups from a recent puppy mill case
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This horse was found severely underweight.
The owner was charged with animal cruelty.
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