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Public Works Engineering

County Engineer: Paul A. Randall-Grutter P.E.
Engineering Division Manager: Keith Elefson, P.E.

The Engineering Division is responsible for engineering, design, construction, construction oversight, and construction administration. This Division is responsible for projects from inception and funding through engineering, design, construction and contract administration, and on to close out. The projects are established by CRP resolution if funded by the County Road Fund or they can be funded by the Drainage Utility, Operations, Natural Resources, Parks, etc.

The Engineering Division also houses the Transportation/Programs Section which is responsible for preliminary research, data compilation and maintenance, and preliminary design of projects until established as a CRP as well as the various grant programs, grant applications, programmatic functions, and other items associated with transportation planning and initial project planning and scoping. Responsible for right-of-way vacations and some easements. In some instances, CRAB and WSDOT statutory and other reports, traffic investigations and studies, Mobility database management and asset inventory, pavement management and traffic count programs, right-of-way vacations, bridge inspection program, service requests, certain permits, traffic safety coordination, crash documentation, also responsible for right-of-way acquisition.

Development Review and Utility permitting functions to ensure that developments and work performed within the County right-of-way by others are in compliance with Skagit County ordinances and standards regarding roadways and drainage.

The Division is made up of four major sections:

Engineering also maintains a private and county roads listing.

Current Project Information:

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