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Noxious Weeds

Coordinator: Madelyn Loy
Help Protect Skagit County's Environment From Noxious Weeds

You can help prevent the spread of noxious weeds:

  • Obey noxious weed laws (RCW 17.10)
  • Never dump pond or aquarium water into a lake or stream
  • Always check your boat trailer for weeds before and after launching
  • Always check your vehicle, camping equipment, clothing, etc. for weeds and seeds before departing
  • Dispose of noxious weeds properly
  • Report the presence of noxious weeds to your county weed board
  • Cover compost and mulch piles

Controlling infestations:

  • Properly remove and destroy noxious weed infestations
  • Prevent seed production
  • Use herbicides properly according to their labels
  • Re-plant with appropriate species to prevent re-growth of noxious weeds
  • Contact your local county weed board for more information

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Applications should be sent to:

Skagit County Noxious Weed Board
1800 Continental Place
Mount Vernon, WA 98273


Coordinator: Joseph Shea
Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m
Skagit County Noxious Weed Control Board
1800 Continental Pl.
Mount Vernon, WA 98273-5625

Office (360) 416-1467
Cell (360)-770-2694