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Farmland Legacy Program

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Stepstones in the Enrollment Process


Lot of Record Certification

This process, completed with the Skagit County Planning and Development Services, determines the amount of development rights available to the landowner.

Farmland Legacy Program Application

The program's application is available by mail or online. Program staff will guide the applicant through the process.

Application Ranking

The Conservation Futures Program Advisory Board completes a ranking of the application. Ranking criteria includes soil quality, size of farm, proximity to other protected lands, etc.

Easement Valuation

Program staff commission an appraisal for the proposed enrollment. A before and after appraisal is completed which compares the value of the land before the easement and after the easement. The program's offer to the landowner is the difference between the before and after values.

Leveraged Funds

Program staff apply to various appropriate funding partners in an effort to leverage local funds to the greatest extent possible.

Finalize Easement

Skagit County, funding partners, and the landowner review a draft of the conservation easement. Our base template easement is available for review on our website. Once easement if complete, Skagit County places funds in escrow and those funds are disbursed to the landowner once the easement is recorded with the Auditor's Office.