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Sending mail to an inmate

The address for inmates at the Skagit County Jail is:

( Name of the Inmate )
c/o Skagit County Jail
201 Suzanne Lane
Mount Vernon, Washington

Question: May I send pictures to an inmate?

Answer: Yes, you may send up to two pictures in a single mailing, under the following guidelines:

1. No pictures of an obscene or sexually explicit nature.
2. No pictures which portray gang signs or endorse gang affiliation.
3. No pictures of a racist or inflammatory nature.
4. No Polaroid pictures.
5. There can not be anything stuck to the picture, i.e. tape, old glue etc.

Question: What items can be sent to an inmate?

A letter. Letters with glitter, stickers, perfume, lipstick, tape, etc. will be returned to sender.
Two (2) photographs.
A plain greeting card. Greeting cards with glitter, electronics (sound cards), stickers, etc. will be returned to sender.
Money orders or cashiers checks: Money orders and cashiers checks must be made out to: Skagit County Jail.

Question: May I send material printed off of the internet, pages from a book, coloring pages, word game pages, etc?

Answer: No.

Question: Is there a size limitation on something sent to an inmate?

Answer: Yes. Nothing larger than a legal sized envelope can be sent to an inmate.

Question: Can a book be sent to an inmate?

Answer: Inmates at SCCJC can receive soft-cover paperback books mailed directly from Amazon.
They must arrive at the jail from USPS, Fed-Ex or UPS. Inmates can only have one of these books at a time in their cell.
Other books that come in the mail will be stored in their property and the inmate is allowed to switch out books.

Below is a list of prohibited items:
-Sexually explicit material and/or references to sexually explicit behavior..
-Instructions of “how-to” books about criminal activity.
-Material advocating violence against others or the overthrow of authority.
-Instructions for martial arts/self-defense/fighting techniques.
-Instructions/descriptions of the making or assembly of weapons/bombs/destructive devices of any kind.
-Material advocating hate, anger, ridicule or violence against a group of individuals or a protected class.
-Any other material that the SCCJC staff believes may cause a safety or security issue