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November 29, 2021

Skagit County Public Works identifies increased landslide risks along South Skagit Highway and Concrete Sauk Valley Road; advises caution & preparation

Skagit County Public Works has identified several locations along South Skagit Highway and Concrete Sauk Valley Road with increased risk of landslide, especially over the next few days. Skagit County Public Works urges residents and visitors to avoid traveling through this area and allow the saturated soil to settle.

The National Weather Service previously issued a special weather statement on increased landslide risk in Western Washington, which you can read in full here.

Skagit County residents and visitors who do not live in the South Skagit Highway and Concrete Sauk areas are advised to avoid these areas or drive around for the next few days. Those who do live near these areas or rely on South Skagit Highway or Concrete Sauk Valley Road for access to essential services are advised to reduce your trips if possible, and be prepared for restricted access if landslides were to occur.  

Skagit County Public Works continues to monitor the area and may close the road if the threat of landslide becomes imminent.

If you have questions, or need to be connected with services please contact Skagit Department of Emergency Management at 360-416-1850.