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November 28, 2021 6:30 a.m.

Flood Updates

Another flood stage level river peak is expected in the next 24-48 hours. Current projections from the National Weather Service predict the Skagit river will crest in Concrete at 32.26 feet (moderate flood stage) around 10 p.m. on today (Sunday, November 28). The river will then crest at 32.71 feet (major flood stage) in Mount Vernon around 4 p.m. on Monday, November 29.

The Northwest River Forecast Center predicts the Samish river will crest around 11 feet today, Sunday, November 28. It is understood that forecasts for the Samish river are generally less reliable than those for the Skagit. Flood stage for the Samish river is 11.5 feet.

For more emergency information as this event progresses, sign up for the emergency information listserv, CodeRed Alerts or follow Skagit County on Twitter @SkagitGov. The River Level Hotline (360- 416-1404) and www.skagitcounty.net/flood are updated frequently during events with current conditions and can be resources for information as well.

Road closures remain numerous & widespread, new ones are expected over the next 24-48 hours. For a complete listing of current County and State road closures, visit www.skagitcounty.net/reporting/roadclose and wsdot.com/travel/real-time/map/" respectively.

As a reminder, do not drive through water over roadway, even if no ‘Road Closed sign’ is present. It does not take much water to be dangerous to drivers and passengers. WSDOT, Skagit County and municipal road crews are monitoring roads and will be closing those necessary as quickly as possible. Help them and our first responders out by practicing #turnarounddontdrown. Skagit County participated in several water rescues during the last three peak events, and don’t want to see any more. Power outages. The Puget Sound Energy Power Outage Map shows where outages are present in the community and gives estimates for reestablishment of service. As always, be prepared to keep your family warm in the event of a power outage during the winter.

As temperatures drop, remember that gas, propane, natural gas and charcoal burning heat sources should not be used indoors. These tools emit carbon monoxide (CO)—an odorless, colorless gas that can cause sudden illness and death if inhaled. More info on preventing carbon monoxide poisoning after an emergency.

The Red Cross continues to operate a shelter at Hamilton First Baptist Church (797 Hamilton Cemetery Rd, Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284) for any who are in need.

Damage Assessment Forms for Residential and Business Loss for 11/14 through 11/16 flood event. The Skagit County Department of Emergency Management (DEM) is collecting information from Skagit County residents and businesses on damage, including losses, suffered during the flooding event of November 2021. If your Skagit County home or business sustained damage as a result of this or the past flooding event, you may be eligible for federal disaster assistance as you begin to clean up. Even if you have suffered only minor damage and do not expect to need assistance, please submit a report. Reports are due no later than Friday, December 3, 2021. It is possible this will be extended, given the additional flood peak event currently taking place. We will update the community as we learn more from the State.

Forms are available online. Click here for English, and here for Spanish.

Debris Removal for Skagit County residents Skagit County residents affected by recent flooding can begin to dispose of debris on Saturday, November 20 at the Skagit County Recycling and Transfer Station, located at 14104 Ovenell Road in Mount Vernon. The site operates Monday through Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; closed on Thanksgiving Day. We will continue to offer this service as long as the community needs.

If you have questions or are not sure where to go, please contact Skagit County Department of Emergency Management at 360-416-1892.