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November 5, 2018

Solid Waste division seeks feedback on expanded recycling idea

Curbside recycling isn’t available to all Skagit County residents. And the County’s Solid Waste division wants to know: If you live in an area where curbside recycling ISN’T available, would you like to have it?

That’s the focus of a new 10-question survey released today: http://publicinput.com/3406.

The County is exploring the possibility of expanding the availability of curbside recycling. Currently, it’s only available west of Highway 9 in unincorporated areas of Skagit County – outside cities and towns that already provide the service.

“Convenient recycling options are important to our residents – especially as our county population grows,” said Solid Waste Division Manager Margo Gillaspy. “Before we make any financial commitments, we want to get feedback from as many people as possible to see what kind of support we have for expanding recycling.”

Outside of the incorporated cities and towns that provide the service, curbside recycling is only available in areas where the population density has made the collection of recyclable materials economically feasible. For many years, this boundary has been Highway 9. However, increasing growth in the eastern portion of the County may make it possible to expand the service area. Depending on the results of the survey, Solid Waste staff will explore the options of a minimum service ordinance to provide curbside recycling to all garbage subscribers, or a contract for recycling in certain areas of the County.

Free drop-off recycling is currently available at three locations in the county – at the Ovenell Road Transfer Station, the Clear Lake Compactor site and the Sauk Transfer station.

Find more information about Skagit County Solid Waste online at skagitcounty.net/publicworkssolidwaste.  For questions or more details, please contact Solid Waste Division Manager Margo Gillaspy at margog@co.skagit.wa.us or 360-416-1400.