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September 21, 2023

Fall Tire Round-Up Scheduled for October 5th and October 6th 

Skagit County will host a free tire-round up for Skagit County residents on Thursday, October 5th, and Friday, October 6th, at the Skagit County Fairgrounds. Residents must register at the link below. There is a limit of twelve tires per household and tires must be road tires only, such as car, truck, motorcycle, or semi-trucks. Tractor tires will not be accepted. Tires must be dropped off at the north entrance of the Skagit County Fairgrounds at 1410 Virginia Street, Mount Vernon, WA 98273.


The proper disposal of tires has many benefits to our community. Tires are a significant source of solid waste, and they can be expensive to dispose of and clean up properly. Not only are they an eye sore, but tires are also laden with toxic chemicals. Even in small quantities these chemicals can leach into ground and surface water as they sit out in the landscape, harming fish, wildlife, and the environment. The stagnant water collected in used tires can offer a breeding ground for mosquitos, increasing the risk for the spread of disease. In large piles, tires can spark a fire. Tire fires can be very difficult to extinguish and often will burn for weeks, threatening air quality with heavy, black smoke.

In 2022, Skagit County collected over 40 tons of used road tires in one day. This year, we hope to collect a similar amount while offering easier service. For more information about dropping off tires, please contact the Skagit County Solid Waste Division at (360) 416-1570.