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July 8, 2021

State burn bans impact Skagit County

On Tuesday, July 6, Governor Jay Inslee issued emergency proclamation 21-10 declaring a burn ban throughout Washington State. Further, on July 2, the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission issued a burn ban for all Washington state parks. Together, these burn bans impact most outdoor and agricultural burning through Sept. 30, 2021. Skagit County had previously issued a modified burn ban on July 25, 2021. 

“There is significant fire risk in Skagit County and throughout Washington State,” said Skagit County Fire Marshal Bonnie LaCount. “It’s hot and dry. We’re asking everyone to refrain from burning at this time.”

Fires are only allowed under very limited circumstances. Exceptions to the burn ban are:

  • Gas or propane fueled pits
  • Recreational campfires in contained structures on a person’s private property.

This ban includes recreational fires at Skagit operated campgrounds.

Skagit County Parks and Recreation Director Brian Adams said, “It’s a historically dry year, and we need to do our part to prevent wildfires. It’s definitely disappointing when our patrons don’t get to have the full ‘s’mores experience’ at our campgrounds, but public safety and environmental stewardship have to come first.”

Per the allowed exceptions, gas and propane fueled pits are allowed at Skagit County campgrounds.

If you have questions about campgrounds, contact the Parks and Recreation office at 360-416-1350. If you have questions about the burn ban, agricultural burning or general fire safety, contact the Skagit Fire Marshal’s office at 360-416-1842

We appreciate the public’s help preventing wildfires.