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June 9, 2022

Potential Flooding in Skagit County; Be Prepared. Stay Connected.

Current rain levels may cause potential flooding in parts of Skagit County over the next few days. At this time, no flood warning has been issued.

Skagit County’s Department of Emergency Management (DEM) and Public Works are actively monitoring the situation and coordinating with the National Weather Service. The County will be providing updates tomorrow morning when more accurate information has been gathered.

In the meantime, DEM is asking Skagit County residents—and especially those located in historically flood-prone areas—to be prepared for potential flooding. If driving, expect water over low-lying roadways and use extra caution. Practice Turn Around-Don’t Drown and do not drive through water over the roadway. Remember, water can be deeper and faster moving than anticipated, presenting a risk to drivers and passengers.

Skagitonians are encouraged to stay connected. Please sign up for the emergency information listservCodeRed Alerts, or follow Skagit County on Twitter @SkagitGov. The River Level Hotline (360- 416-1404) and www.skagitcounty.net/flood are also updated frequently during events with current conditions and can be resources for information as well.

Stay safe!