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April 22, 2020

Stay Home, Stay Healthy Updates from Skagit County

Ongoing COVID-19 Transmission in Skagit County
We are closely monitoring the increasing rate of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases we have seen during the past several days. Today, Public Health reported 7 new laboratory confirmed cases. Daily updates and total case counts are available at http://www.skagitcounty.net/coronavirus. Case counts are updated at 4 p.m.

Yes, social distancing is still important:
Right now, we are all being told that we can’t do things that are typically essential to our physical and emotional wellbeing. Humans are social beings, and consciously separating ourselves from others is difficult. We’re tired, we’re sad, we’re completely over staying home, let’s be honest: this is a huge sacrifice.

We know this is getting repetitive, but it’s important to remember:

  • Social distancing works tremendously well because it limits the potential for transmission of the illness. We currently don’t have the capacity to test everyone, so we have to cast a wide net and ask that everyone practice social distancing. This is particularly important because COVID-19 can be transmitted before symptoms are present.
  • As time goes on, Governor Inslee is looking at which businesses can reopen while preventing further public health consequences. This includes things like certain residential construction projects and elective health services.
  • This is not forever, but the less diligent we are in our good hygiene and social distancing the longer this will go on. To get through this we have to continue to stay strong, stay home and stay healthy.
    Additional Resources
  • In order to help support those applying for unemployment benefits, the Washington Employment Securities Department has released a new phone number for people to call with questions. If you have questions and are not yet ready to apply, you can reach ESD at 833-572-8400.
  • Skagit Health Connection continues to publish quality content on COVID-19. Check out their most recent post: 15 Tips for Safer Grocery Shopping.

Please: Continue to stay strong, stay home and stay healthy.