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February 12, 2020

2020 Property Tax Statements Arriving Soon

Tax bills will soon be arriving in mailboxes across Skagit County. After a significant reduction in 2019, 2020 will bring increases for most taxpayers. These increases are largely a result of state legislation.

Property tax bills reflect a property's share of State, County, and other district taxes. Except for the State tax, all property taxes are budget-based and limited to an increase of 1 percent per year, plus an allowance for new construction. However, changes in taxes for individual properties vary, depending on that property's change in value. Other increases may only come in the form of voter-approved levies. 

The State tax is rate-based, which means that it fluctuates with assessed value. For 2019, the State Legislature reduced the State levy for one year only. The re-implementation of the previous rate plus the impact of increased assessed value will result in higher property tax statements for most Skagit taxpayers. 
"Although no one enjoys paying taxes, this money is critical for funding this community's schools, public safety, roads, and many other important public services," explains Skagit County Treasurer Jackie Brunson.

Seniors and disabled persons with household income of $42,390 or less who live in their homes more than nine months a year may be eligible for a tax exemption program, offered through the Skagit County Assessor's Office.

The Skagit County website contains more information on property taxes. Residents can pay their taxes by mail, online (2.6% fee applies), in person at the Treasurer's Office, or by calling to set up autopay. First half property taxes are due April 30, 2020.

Residents with questions about their property assessments or the senior/disabled tax exemption should call the Assessor's Office at 360-416-1780. All other questions regarding property taxes should be directed to the Treasurer's Office at 360-416-1750.