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- Residents Pay Less for Flood Insurance -

Skagit County Improves Community Rating System Saving Rural Residents $811,492 In Flood Insurance Premiums

SKAGIT COUNTY – Skagit County residents will save $811,492 for 2009 in reduced National Flood Insurance premiums thanks to an improve rating awarded by the National Flood Insurance Rating System (CRS). Skagit County’s rating system was recently improved from class five to class four, qualifying ratepayers for a 30 percent discount compared to the 25 percent discount they previously qualified for. .

“We can’t stop the rain, but we can help protect our citizens from the worse effects of flooding, and that’s what CRS is all about,” said Skagit County CRS Coordinator Delores McLeod.

The Community Rating System awards communities that voluntarily take steps beyond the minimum requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program to reduce flood risks and increase the effectiveness of flood insurance protection. Skagit County’s volunteer actions include flood preparedness, flood damage reduction, mapping and regulations, and public awareness.

There are 2,883 flood insurance policies in unincorporated Skagit County with total insurance in force of $550,624,200. The average policy is approximately $600 annually. The new Class 4 rating saves the average policy holder $281 annually for a total savings of $811,492.

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