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Skagit County Fair

August 7-10, 2019

Thank you to our supporters!


We hope that you will be “Moovin’ and Groovin” to the 2018 Skagit County Fair, which will take place August 8th-11th. The Fair is symbolic of our Skagit County pride, and has been summer highlight in the valley for over 100 years!

If tradition alone could insure the future, then we would have nothing to worry about. The past holds many treasures, it holds the spirit of what we celebrate as residents of this incredible place. It is our philosophy, that we need to turn to the people of Skagit County to ask for local ideas, talent and support. We believe that boosting the participation of Skagit County residents will result in a fun and suc-cessful Fair in 2018 and beyond.

We realize that we are asking for a great deal when we ask for the financial/in-kind support of our sponsors. We respect and value this generosity and want our sponsorship program to offer something of value in return.

The Skagit County Fairgrounds is a unique resource, and the Fair is our showcase of Skagit pride. We hope that you share our belief that this is a tradition worth sustaining, and hope that you are able to participate in our sponsorship program.

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Thanks to our 2018 Sponsors

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Advanced Care Animal Clinic
Columbia Bank
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Fidalgo Animal Medical Center
Island Adventures

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Home Depot
Junk Car Medics
KSVR Radio
Launching Success
Lincoln Theatre
Mount Vernon Veterinary Hospital

Parker Way Veterinary Clinic
Quality Sewing and Vacuum
Ron & Jan Wesen
Scholten’s Equipment
Skagit PUD
Stowe’s Shoes & Clothing
Tractor Supply