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Emergency Medical Services

Director: Jeff Sargent



Public Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation & First Aid Training Courses
Skagit County EMS, in conjunction with the American Health and Safety Institute (ASHI), offers CPR/ First Aid and AED training. The certification is good for 2 years. The cost of the class is $30.00 per person. 

Most people who experience cardiac arrest at home or in a public location die because they do not receive immediate CPR from someone on scene. Those first few minutes, after 911 is called, are important. Providing proper CPR can drastically increases a cardiac arrest victims chances of survival.

Space is limited and payment for the class must be received at the time of registration. You can now register online. To register for a Class please click on the button next the Class date. You will be directed to another website where you will need to complete the registration and payment portion.

Disclaimer: This is a lay-person level training course and does not meet the requirements for Healthcare Providers. If you are seeking certification for employment, be sure to check with your employer to ensure this course meets any requirements they may have.


Saturday November 10th from 10am to 4pm


EMS Training Room
2911 E College Way Ste C
Mount Vernon, WA

For questions please call the office at 360-416-1830.