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Director: James M. Malcolm Jr.


Welcome to the Skagit County Probation Department’s website.  I hope you find this website easy to navigate and informative. 

In the recent past, much research on effective strategies for effective change have been made in the field of adult probation.  Our department will continue to explore research, learn and implement these new approaches to probation that aim to achieve positive outcomes for justice-involved individuals and the community.  We value our many partnerships in the community and know that probation can only be effective with strong community collaboration and support.  Skagit County District Court Probation will continue to use innovative probation methods to ensure we meet our mission and do so by utilizing our core values. 

We are an agency member of the American Probation and Parole Association as well as a longtime member of the Washington State Misdemeanant Probation Association. Both organizations aim to bring integrity, quality, continuity and effectiveness to probation departments in America. 

In closing, I am proud to work with such a high quality staff of professionals that are committed to providing those under our jurisdiction with the opportunities to return to a high quality of life.

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