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District Court Probation

Director: James M. Malcolm Jr.


What are probation’s hours?
The office is open:
Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm.
Closed 12:00 to 1:00 for lunch
Phone: (360) 416-1275
Fax: (360) 416-1280
email: dcpb@co.skagit.wa.us

Where is probation located?
Court Bldg./Room 301
205 W. Kincaid Street
Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Who is my probation officer?
Contact probation reception at 360-416-1275.

How do I schedule and appointment?
Contact probation reception at 360-416-1275.

How long am I on probation?
Please read your sentencing order.   The amount of time ordered will be located on those forms.  If you still have questions, please contact your probation officer.  This question will also be addressed at your initial probation meeting. 

I live in East Skagit County.  Do you provide services in East Skagit County?
Yes, we provide once a month meetings in Concrete.  To schedule a probation meeting in Concrete, contact your Probation Officer and request this service.  This is a limited service.  A good history of showing to all probation appointments previously is a requirement to use this service.  Failure to appear for meetings, hearings and other Probation matters are disqualifiers due to a very limited amount of monthly meeting time slots. 

I would like to move out of Washington.  Can I do this while on supervised probation?
Please see the following two websites for further information.
icot | interstatecompact.org
Then contact your probation officer to discuss further as each case is unique.

How can I pay my fine by credit card?

Also, Skagit County Courts of Limited Jurisdiction allow cross-court receipting.  Paying fines by mail or appearing in person at a court to pay a fine is not convenient for everyone. Many individuals don’t have checking accounts and pay only in cash, many don’t drive and some just go to the wrong court to pay tickets. In recognition of this, the Skagit County District Court developed a cross–court receipting program for all Skagit County Courts of Limited Jurisdiction. The process allows a defendant to pay his ticket at ANY Skagit County Court. This program has proven very successful for the general public and its not unusual for us to take payments for other courts, especially for those defendants who’s license have been suspended and can’t drive.

Is my court cancelled?
Contact your court or contact your attorney. 

I was never notified of a court date.  What do I do now?
Contact your court clerk, attorney and leave a message for your probation officer. 
This occurs typically when a client has moved and not provided an updated address to the court or probation.  To update your address, contact your court clerk, your attorney and use the online address update link for probation: update mailing address

I have a bench warrant.  Why?  What do I do now? 
Contact your court, attorney and leave a message for your probation officer. 

How long do I have to have an interlock device?
If you are ordered to have an interlock device, to have that removed would require a new court order.  If you feel your situation warrants a review, please contact your probation officer and/or you lawyer. 

Can I receive financial assistance for an ignition interlock?





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