Skagit County Board of Health

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Skagit County Board of Health

Skagit County Board of Health

The Board of Health is the governing body uniting Skagit County in a cooperative effort to
promote and protect the community’s public health, in accordance with Washington state law.

It is a five-member Board including the three elected Skagit County Commissioners and two
appointed At Large Board Members with demonstrated expertise in clinical health care and/or public health.

Peter Browning
BOH Chair
Skagit County Commissioner
Dr. Connie Davis
At Large Board Member
Lisa Janicki
Skagit County Commissioner
Aaron Katz
At Large Board Member
Ron Wesen
Skagit County Commissioner
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Board of Health
Resolutions and Ordinances
Skagit County
Health Code
Revised Code of Washington State

Board of Health Considers Water Fees - May 25
Proposed Fee Schedule
Staff Report

Board of Health declines to consider Skagit County Code 12.54
The proposed code was set to be discussed and finalized on January 20, 2021. [more]

COVID-19 Information
Information regarding COVID-19 in Skagit County including vaccination.  [more]