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Details for Parcel: P130205
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Owner Information
16784 BRITT RD
Site Address(es) .
[Old Address: 1686  BRITT RD]
Skagit County, WA (Jurisdiction, State)
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Current Legal Description    Abbreviation Definitions
That portion of the Southwest 1/4 of the Southeast 1/4 of Section 30 Township 34 North Range 4 East W.M. lying South and West of the county road running along the East side of Britts Slough and being a portion of Skagit County Short Plat No. 58-81 Revised as recorded in Volume 5 of Short Plats at page 157 under Auditor’s file No.8112310065 records of Skagit County Washington; more particularly described as follows Commencing at the intersection of the West line of said subdivision with the South line of the Britt Slough Road thence S 0 DEGREES 06-26 E along said West line a distance of 510 feet to the Southwest corner of that tract of land conveyed to Stanton C.G. Olson, Grantee from Julie Marie Olson Grantor by that instrument dated January 11 2002 and recorded January 16 2002 under Auditor’s File No. 200201160011 records of Skagit County, Washington thence N 89-53-34 E, along the South line of said Stanton Olson tract to the Southeast corner thereof, at right angles to said West line a distance of 190 feet thence N 0-06-26 W, parallel with the West line of said subdivision along the East line of said Stanton Olson tract, a distance of 410.99 feet, more or less to the Northeast corner of said Stanton Olson tract at a point on a curve along the South line of the Britt Slough Road at which point the tangent to said curve bears S 63-05-47 E thence in a Southeasterly direction along the South line of the Britt Slough Road on a curve to the left having a radius of 603.00 feet and a central angle of 18-28-57 an arc distance of 194.51 feet to the TRUE POINT OF BEGINNING of this property description thence S 3-46-40 E a distance of 173.76 feet; thence S 14-35-36 E a distance of 61.38 feet thence S 9-19-37 E a distance of 65.68 feet; thence N 86-34-49 E a distance of 621.95 feet more or less to a point on a curve along the Westerly line of the Britt Slough Road having a radius of 288.31 feet at which point the tangent to said curve bears S 15-41-27 E thence northerly and westerly along the westerly and southerly line of said road to the point of beginning. EXCEPT road AND EXCEPT that portion conveyed to Skagit County for road purposes by deed dated June 30 1959 and recorded July 17 1959 as Auditor’s File No. 583297 ALSO EXCEPT drainage District No. 23 Rights-of-Way ALSO EXCEPT that portion thereof, if any lying within the Right-of-way of Dike District No. 3 TOGETHER WITH Easement No. 3. SURVEY AF#201008110010.

2019 Values for 2020 Taxes* Sale Information 2020 Property Tax Summary
Building Market Value
Land Market Value
Total Market Value
Assessed Value
Taxable Value
Sale Date2012-10-12
Sale Price $200,000.00
Sale requires NRL disclosure (more info)
2020 Taxes will be available after 2/15/2020
Use the Taxes link above for 2019 taxes
* Effective date of value is January 1 of the assessment year (2019) Legal Description at time of Assessment
*Land Use (110) HOUSEHOLD SFR OUTSIDE CITY WAC 458-53-030

Levy Code2770Fire DistrictF03
School DistrictSD320Exemptions
Utilities*SEP, WTR-PAcres3.20
Improvement 1 Attributes Summary
Building Style1.5 STRY UNDEV BSMT
Year Built1917FoundationCONCRETE
Above Grade Living Area2,612 Square Feet    Exterior WallsMETAL/VINYL SIDING
Finished BasementRoof CoveringCOMP
*Total Living Area2,612 Square Feet    Heat/Air ConditioningHEAT PUMP
Unfinished BasementFireplaceSINGLE 1 STORY
*Total Garage Area420 Square Feet    Bedrooms4
Bathrooms2 FULL BATHS
For additional information on individual segments see Improvements tab
* Land Use codes are for assessment administration purposes and do not represent jurisdictional zoning. Please contact the appropriate planning department in your jurisdiction for land use questions.
* Total living area includes above grade living area and finished basement area.
* Garage square footage includes all garage areas; basement garages, attached garages, detached garages, etc.
Assessment data for improvements is based on exterior inspections. Please contact the Assessor's office if the information does not accurately reflect the interior characteristics.