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What Is The Site Address?
By the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) definition, “an address specifies a location by reference to a thoroughfare or a landmark; or it specifies a point of postal delivery.” The main purpose for the site address shown on the Skagit County web site is for 911 emergency response. The following is an example showing the difference between a mailing address and a site address:
Mailing Address
13245 Rector Road
Mount Vernon, WA 98273 
Site Address
13245 Rector Road
Skagit County, WA (jurisdiction, state)     

In the past, Skagit County’s web site showed site addresses as mailing addresses. However, they were inaccurate and difficult to maintain. Additionally, Zip Codes fall outside the authority of Skagit County. The County now defers Zip Code questions to the authoritative source by providing a web site link to the United States Postal Service (USPS) “Zip Code Lookup Tool”.

I'm Unable To Find A Zip Code Using The USPS Lookup Tool?
We recommend using the USPS Lookup Tool to find valid mailing addresses or Zip codes. If you find a discrepancy with a street address, city name, and/or zip code with the USPS Lookup Tool, we encourage you to contact the USPS online or contact your local Post Master for help. The following is a list of valid Zip Codes in use by USPS in Skagit County:

Zip Code Zip Code City Name
98221 Anacortes
98225 Bellingham
98226 Bellingham
98229 Bellingham
98232 Bow
98233 Burlington
98235 Clear Lake (Post Office Box Zip Code)
98237 Concrete
98238 Conway (Post Office Box Zip Code)
98241 Darrington
98255 Hamilton (Post Office Box Zip Code)
98257 LaConner
98263 Lyman (Post Office Box Zip Code)
98267 Marblemount
98273 Mount Vernon
98274 Mount Vernon
98283 Rockport
98284 Sedro Woolley
98292 Stanwood