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Assessor: Danny Hagen
WAC 458-53-030   Stratification of assessment rolls -- Real property.  (1) Stratification -- Uses for ratio study. The stratification process is the grouping of real property within each county into homogeneous classifications based upon certain criteria in order to obtain representative samples. Stratification is used in determining the number of appraisals to be included in the ratio study and also for ratio calculation. The county's most current certified assessment rolls are used for stratification. Counties shall stratify rolls using a land use code stratification system as prescribed by the department. (See RCW 36.21.100.)
     (2) Stratification -- Parcel count and total value -- Exclusions. The stratification of the real property assessment rolls shall include a parcel count and a total value of the taxable real property parcels in each stratum excluding the following:
     (a) Classified and designated forest lands and timberland classified under chapter 84.34 RCW (see RCW 84.34.060);
     (b) State-owned game lands as defined in RCW 77.12.203(2);
     (c) Current use properties in those counties where a separate study is conducted pursuant to WAC 458-53-095(3); and
     (d) State assessed properties.
     (3) Stratification -- By county. For the real property ratio study, the assessment roll shall be stratified for individual counties according to land use categories and substratified by value classes as determined by the department. Stratification shall be reviewed at least every other year by the department to determine if changes need to be made to improve sampling criteria. After the strata have been determined, the department shall notify the counties of the strata limits and each county shall provide the department with the following, taken from the county's assessment rolls:
     (a) A representative number of samples, as determined by the department, in each stratum, together with:
     (i) The name and address of the taxpayer for each sample;
     (ii) The land use code for each sample;
     (iii) The assessed value for each sample; and
     (iv) The actual number of samples;
     (b) The total number of real property parcels in each stratum; and
     (c) The total assessed value in each stratum.
     (4) Counties to provide information timely. The stratification information described in subsection (3) of this section shall be provided by the counties to the department in a timely manner to enable the department to certify the preliminary ratios in accordance with WAC 458-53-200(1). Failure to provide the information in a timely manner will result in the department using its best estimate of stratum values to calculate the real property ratio.
     (5) Standard two digit land use code. The following two digit land use code shall be used as the standard to identify the actual use of the land. Counties may elect to use a more detailed land use code system using additional digits, however, no county land use code system may use fewer than the standard two digits.

11 Household, single family units
12 Household, 2-4 units
13 Household, multi-units (5 or more)
14 Residential hotels - condominiums
15 Mobile home parks or courts
16 Hotels/motels
17 Institutional lodging
18 All other residential not elsewhere coded
19 Vacation and cabin

21 Food and kindred products
22 Textile mill products
23 Apparel and other finished products made from fabrics, leather, and similar materials
24 Lumber and wood products (except furniture)
25 Furniture and fixtures
26 Paper and allied products
27 Printing and publishing
28 Chemicals
29 Petroleum refining and related industries
30 Rubber and miscellaneous plastic products
31 Leather and leather products
32 Stone, clay and glass products
33 Primary metal industries
34 Fabricated metal products
35 Professional scientific, and controlling instruments; photographic and optical goods; watches and clocks-manufacturing
36 Not presently assigned
37 Not presently assigned
38 Not presently assigned
39 Miscellaneous manufacturing

41 Railroad/transit transportation
42 Motor vehicle transportation
43 Aircraft transportation
44 Marine craft transportation
45 Highway and street right of way
46 Automobile parking
47 Communication
48 Utilities
49 Other transportation, communication, and utilities not classified elsewhere

51 Wholesale trade
52 Retail trade - building materials, hardware, and farm equipment
53 Retail trade - general merchandise
54 Retail trade - food
55 Retail trade - automotive, marine craft, aircraft, and accessories
56 Retail trade - apparel and accessories
57 Retail trade - furniture, home furnishings and equipment
58 Retail trade - eating and drinking
59 Other retail trade

61 Finance, insurance, and real estate services
62 Personal services
63 Business services
64 Repair services
65 Professional services
66 Contract construction services
67 Governmental services
68 Educational services
69 Miscellaneous services

71 Cultural activities and nature exhibitions
72 Public assembly
73 Amusements
74 Recreational activities
75 Resorts and group camps
76 Parks
77 Not presently assigned
78 Not presently assigned
79 Other cultural, entertainment, and recreational

81 Agriculture (not classified under current use law)
82 Agriculture related activities
83 Agriculture classified under current use chapter 84.34 RCW
84 Fishing activities and related services
85 Mining activities and related services
86 Not presently assigned
87 Classified forest land chapter 84.33 RCW
88 Designated forest land chapter 84.33 RCW
89 Other resource production

91 Undeveloped land
92 Noncommercial forest
93 Water areas
94 Open space land classified under chapter 84.34 RCW
95 Timberland classified under chapter 84.34 RCW
96 Not presently assigned
97 Not presently assigned
98 Not presently assigned
99 Other undeveloped land

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