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 The Skagit County Treasurer’s Office has contracted with Official Payments Corp. to offer customers the option of paying fees and taxes online or by phone.

Please read the following disclaimer carefully before submitting your payment online or by phone.

You will be charged with a flat convenience fee of 2.50% on each transaction.

Official Payments Corp. is not a branch, office or department of Skagit County Government. Official Payment Corp. is a third party vendor, operating as a Service Bureau on behalf of the Skagit County Treasurer’s Office.

Official Payment Corp. will provide credit card transaction services on behalf of those wishing to pay taxes using a credit card. Official Payment Corp. will charge a convenience fee for each credit card transaction enacted.

Any information submitted online or by phone to Official Payment Corp. (i.e.: personal data, credit card account information, tax account information, county fees, fines, etc..) is processed solely by Official Payments Corp. and is not subject to protection by Skagit County’s Privacy Policy.

Taxpayer needs to know the exact amount of the tax, including fines and fees and convey that amount to Official Payments Corporation. Skagit County will not transfer any information to Official Payment Corp. regarding tax records, fines, fees, or personal account information. The credit card holder assumes all liability to ensure that the credit transaction covers the exact amount for payment of the property tax. The Treasurer’s Office will only accept exact payment of the property tax. Partial payments, under payments and over payments will be credited back to the holder’s credit account. Any errors or discrepancies in the information submitted to Official Payment Corp. will be the account holder’s responsibility.

The Skagit County Treasurer’s Office only receives the payment , the transaction date and an account number to which they are to be balanced against from Official Payment Corp. Any discrepancies in account amount charged to your credit card and the actual tax payment due must be resolved between the account holder and Official Payment Corp.. 

Skagit County Treasurer’s Office cannot verify your transaction was completed or accurate until payment has been received from Official Payment Corp.

Skagit County reserves the right to alter or discontinue the use of Official Payment Corp. as a payment transaction service at any time and without prior warning.

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If you have any questions regarding the Skagit County Treasurer's Office use of Official Payment Corp. contact us at:

Skagit County Treasurer
PO Box 518
3rd and Kincaid Streets
Mount Vernon WA 98273
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Phone 360 416-1750
or by email at: