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Climate Change and Sustainability Initiative

Personal Heater Borrowing Program

When you feel a bit cool in your office, you may be tempted to reach for a small space heater. However, space heaters can:

  • Use upwards of 1200 watts of electricity each hour
  • Heat rooms to uncomfortable temperatures for other employees
  • Cause heating systems to operate abnormally (such as increasing the flow of cool air to a room with a space heater)

Because of these factors space heaters are prohibited in county facilities, unless approved by a Department Head and the Facility Operations Manager (see R20090167).

If you are cold in your office area, the Sustainability Department recommends that you:

1. Bring an extra sweater for use at your desk
2. Contact Facilities Management
3. Use a foot, seat, or personal heater that uses under 250 watts

A 250 watt heater costs only $4 a month to operate, compared to a 1200 watt space heater that costs $21 to operate. While these personal devices create comfortable warmth for the user, the devices should not produce excessive heat that impacts the office environment.

The Sustainability Office now has a limited number of personal heating devices for employees to borrow and try out. We have one of each of the personal heating products described below. These devices are available to all employees to test out for a two-week period. The products listed below are energy efficient, affordable, and highly reviewed.


Please email the Sustainability Coordinator, Kathryn Hampton, to checkout a foot warmer or personal heater. You can checkout one item at a time for a two week period. Once you email Kathryn Hampton to check out the device, you can pick up the device at 1800 Continental Place, Mont Vernon, WA. Please promptly return the equipment.
Products Available
For more information on the products available for checkout, please conduct an online search. We have one of each product available for checkout.
Seat Warmer: The Wagan Heated Seat Cushion provides warmth and comfort. The seat cushion has a high/low/off switch to control the heat setting according to your preference. The seat cushion measures 36 by 17.5 inches. For more information, visit Amazon. The seat cushion plugs into a 12V outlet (car outlet). When you borrow the seat cushion, you will also receive a power adaptor to plug the cushion into a normal outlet. For more information on the power adaptor, visit Amazon.
Footrest Warmer: Portable and compact, Indus-Tool Toasty Toes fits anywhere. The molded plastic footrest has adjustable heat and 3 different positions. Converts from footrest to heated floor mat or vertical heated panel. The 90-watt ETL-listed ergonomic footrest measures 12 by 18 by 5 inches. For more information, visit Amazon.
Foot Warming Pad: Indus-Tool FW Cozy Foot is less costly to use than a space heater, and safer, too. Heated rubber mat (electric) good for warming feet or even drying shoes. Measures 21 by 14 by 1/4 inches and is 6 pounds. For more information, visit Amazon.
Flat-Panel Radiant Heater: The 100-watt radiant flat-panel heater provides space-saving warmth. It is wall- or desk-mountable, a optional stand is available. Measures 22 by 16 by 1 inches. For more information, visit Amazon.