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Salmon Strategy

Salmon Policy Resolution

On October 8, 2007, the Skagit County Commissioners approved Resolution R20070499, directing county departments to proactively pursue salmon recovery efforts.

The resolution directs County departments to consider the Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Plan in all their actions, and pursue grant funds for salmon habitat enhancement. County departments must consider adoption of measures to implement their recommendations whenever reasonable. Such measures may include enhancing riparian habitat when it is reasonable while working on adjacent country roads and controlling drainage, training road crews in Best Management Practices, preventing spraying harmful pesticides near salmon streams, enhancing riparian habitat within county-owned lands, acquiring habitat adjacent to county parks, and integrating education about salmon issues into interpretive centers and road signs. The resolution also requires county departments to report annually to the Board of Commissioners about the salmon recovery measures those departments have accomplished during the preceding year.

The resolution also calls for Skagit County to collaborate with the Skagit Conservation District, Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group, Western Washington Agricultural Association, Skagit Land Trust, the tribes, resource agencies, and other salmon groups whenever possible to achieve these objectives.