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Skagit County RFP (Request For Proposal) Index
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Current and upcoming Skagit County opportunities and requests are listed below.
Use the information request form to submit questions, inquiries or comments.
Current Requests
Title Posted Date Closing Date Updated
Purchase of New Cisco Network Switches, Supporting Hardware and Licensing 7/9/24 7/23/24  
Request for Qualifications for Professional Engineering and Environmental Services for Four (4) Skagit County Fish Passage Improvement Projects 6/27/24 7/18/24  
Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Professional Engineering, Environmental, and Right of Way Services for the North Fruitdale Road Project 6/20/24 7/25/24 7/8/24
Electrical Maintenance & Repair Services 6/11/24 7/1/24 RESULTS
Request for Proposal for Financial Published Data System 5/28/24 7/25/24 7/2/24

Skagit County Consultant Rosters
MRSC (Municipal Research and Services Center) Rosters are used to fulfill the County’s obligation to advertise our requirements for architectural, land surveying, or engineering services per RCW 39.80.  MRSC Rosters is a service that provides a membership database used by participating Washington public agencies to efficiently and affordably contact registered businesses about small public works construction projects, consulting opportunities, and contracting of goods or services.  Consultants and businesses interested in perusing opportunities with Skagit County Public works are encouraged to join the MRSC Roster at

Skagit County Small Works Roster

Choosing to participate in MRSC Rosters is an efficient and cost-effective way for you to market your services to local Washington State governments (Agencies) and be considered for small public works projects (projects under $200,000). In one registration process you can select to be part of one or many rosters.